Wednesday, February 10, 2010

twenty years of snow

This morning to my dismay I trekked to work very early amongst the treacherous wind & snow, but alas I was able to leave on a half day resulting in time for a blog post! Meaning of the story... the snow has won over my heart once again(but don't get too comfortable snow, i am far more in love with the warm and will be over you shortly).
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  1. inspiring pics, thinking about that wineglass.. wine is essential for a perfect night alone, with friends or a romantic one with your lover.. ;))

  2. haha fun pictures, sounds like you had yourself quite a day, its been nice enjoying the snow from the comfort of home and a computer ;-)

  3. I love snow!! I think is some kind of purity!!

  4. hey.
    I went to your blog by chance and saw the same picture of louboutin!:)