Monday, September 6, 2010

500 days of

(akila berjaoui, tfs, altamiranyc, grey magazine, hard to explain)


  1. Come on summer!

    xx Black Adder

  2. Hello there! How’s it going?

    Wow! Impressive BlogSpot and post indeed!

    Love Heels?

    I think you’ll really like my shoe design BlogSpot! All my designs are hand-drawn too!

    I am really hoping that I can get a step into the industry with my illustrations! Let me know what you think! Take care x

  3. I passed an award to you. You can find it on my blog!

  4. the last girl is sooo pretty.
    i want her entire outfit. and hair.
    i like the bec parsons shot used in your blog heading.
    she's my faaavourite australian photographer. x.