Monday, January 24, 2011

couches in alleys

Photo Credit: Olivia Ionescu
(Alexander Wang Tee, F21 Shoes, Ann Demeulemeester)

I love having fun with patterns, materials, and colors but to be truthful I'm really into classics and simplicity. In college I tattooed the word "classic" on the inside of my lip. You may have noticed, but probably not, its seriously teeny tiny and you might only catch it with the flash of a big smile, a little unexpectancy (a word? it works.) on my body...but all in all that sums up my philosophy of how i choose to buy things. I love buying items that are classics but then they have an unexpected twist, a hidden variable, a low back, an intricate stitch, or in these very comfortable pant's case...double pockets. How cool is that? Right underneath the standard hip pockets lay another subtle set. You did good Ann D, real good.


  1. i love how simple this outfit looks! u rock it :)

  2. your hair and your look are perfect!

  3. this set is simple but I really like it!
    and ur hair are gorgeous

  4. Love the must have been freezing taking these shots! Great little blog you have here!

  5. you are gorgeous and you have a truly unique style. you have my respect! :D
    i'm your newest follower and would love it if you took a look at my blog as well because i'm still so very new to all this :)


  6. Like the natural colors and the simple but sexy style!


  7. Lusting this outfit! It's simply beautiful.. Now following you here, and keeping up to date on your twitter :)