Sunday, August 21, 2011

we both pull the tricks out of our sleeves

(birdwithbrokenbones, dossier, src783, see by Chloe fall 2011)


  1. Love the picture of Freja in that jumper! So good x

  2. I love the idea of "ugly cute" - i usually find those unique, a little outstanding, bizzare things more interesting & exciting than simple classical beauty that everyone considers beautiful... btw, love LOVE the red hair on that model (cant recall the name so early in the morning lol).. i'll definitely be back, your place's full of inspirational pictures! xxx

  3. ASHLEY SMITH!!!! she is wonderful!!!
    Love irish pull over!!!

    i follow your blog dear! in addition, i love the title!!!
    my next article called "ugliness Is The New Black", I tell that because your blog title remind me that ;) I'll tell you when you can see it!

    kisses from france